Sunday, 5 January 2014

My Christmas jumper

Hello, guys! 

Today I was in Starbucks doing my English homework. Two days left till school...
Anyway what to wear?! I wore my red Christmas jumper with a black shirt and a black skirt... Simple :) 

Friday, 3 January 2014

The work experience <3

Hello, dear readers!

 The last week I spent on my work experience. I want to be an orthodontist and I was just sitting with different dentists and watching how they are working! Honestly it was fun! I expected to see many people scared of dentists! Surprisingly the majority of people were really patient! I didn't expect that!

On the first day I wore jeans and uggs, nothing really special. One of the dentists told me of. She told me to look smart. I was a bit confused. Then I made up my mind and decided to wear my lipsy top, and new look skirt. 

I was proud of myself when that dentist told me that I look smart! :D <3  

                         Lipsy top
                              New look skirt
                              Lipsy watches

Monday, 24 June 2013

Prom ❤

Hi everybody!! 
My prom was so perfect!! I even couldn't imagine that it's going to be so fun! Nevertheless this is a once life thing... First of all we were at school, and there we received some documents which show that we eventually finished year 9. Then my dad surprised me with a limousin!! Me and some girls decided to go to Jurmala to Havanna club, we chilled there and then we gone to Maritim park hotel, so no more words just look at photos! ❤

Всем привет!
Мой выпускной был идеальным!! Мне очень все понравилось! Я и мои друзья будем помнить этот день всю жизнь! Сначала мы были в школе, а потом мой папа обрадовал меня лимузином!! Я и парочку моих друзей поехали в Юрмалу в Хаванна клаб, мы потусили там и потом поехали в Маритим, и так вот фото! ❤

School. Школа.
On the first photo is my biology teacher, and on the second photo is my favourite physics teacher! Just love his lessons.

На первом фото моя учительница по биологии, а на втором фото мой любимый учитель по физике! Просто обожаю его уроки.
My nanny, she really surprised me, because I did not expect that she will come. And on the second photo is my first teacher! 

Моя няня, она меня реально обрадовала, я не ожидала, что она придет. А на второй фотографии моя первая учительница!

Havanna club, Jurmala.

Maritim park hotel.

Love my grandma!
Люблю бабушку!